Moss Creek Farm is a small family farm owned and operated by Ken and Tammy Goodyear along with their sons, Griffith and Spencer. Our farm is located in Patrick County Virginia near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and Parkway. We believe in operating our farm in a sustainable manner that promotes a healthy environment and conserves our natural resources while producing a quality product in our goats, sheep and flowers. Moss Creek Farm was started to give our sons a farm and rural experience and lifestyle that is all too uncommon today.

We raise Boer, Nubian and Toggenburg goats and have some of the best genetics in each of the respective breeds. Our goats have competed successfully in the show ring and have outstanding breed chacteristics that you need in breeding stock today such as size, muscle, easy births, and superior mothering ability.


We have a strong interest in “Heritage” breeds of livestock and we are fortunate to have breeding stock of “Olde English Southdown Sheep” or “Babydoll Southdown Sheep” as they are referred to today. This breed was common years ago, but due to the quest to breed bigger sheep, the breed numbers diminished greatly.

We also raise Leicester Longwool sheep, another "historically significant" breed whose numbers continue to decline in the United States and worldwide.  Unfortunately, the American Livestock Breeds Conservatory (ALBC) is moving this breed to the "critical" list due to the dwindling number of breeding stock.  I encourage you to visit the ALBC website and support this worthwhile mission to ensure that endangered breeds of livestock do not perish thus losing a critical gene pool that is important to maintain.

Along with our livestock, we raise over 200 varieties of daylilies with many of the newest varieties with eyes, ruffles and picotee edges on the market today; we also have many double flowering daylilies as well as many heirloom varieties. We have an assortment of ornamental grasses, hostas and other perennials that are sure to catch your fancy!

Moss Creek Farm offers something for everyone. We welcome your visit and hope to see you soon! Please call (276) 694-4094 or email us at goodyear@embarqmail.com to arrange an appointment.


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